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I'm Just a young married mom of a little girl. Just taking life day by day with a little ranting here and there.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Playing Phone Tag

with the bank that I applied at for the past 2 days. I finally got ahold of HR this afternoon and I GOT THE JOB! (Happy Dance) I go for orientation Monday, then Tues, Wed, I go to the bank I'm supposed to work at just to observe how they do things...woohoo I get to stand and stare for 8 hours, sounds like fun right? Thurs-Sun Gregg and I will be in VEGAS....Then Monday, I start my actual training. So we'll see if I like it.

Other than that things have been going pretty good these past few days. We pretty much have all our paperwork done for/with the Home Loan Company were going through...we're getting would be nice to find a house I like by/before the end of the summer.

The Restaurant that I work for now 1-2 nights a week...haha are actually giving me more hours...too bad, I'm taking all next week of and then Mon-Fri the following week and then only work that Sat. night. I said we were going to be on Vacation all next week which is partially true, and said Gregg had some things to do at work the following week and I don't have anyone to keep and eye on Lia. I just don't want to mess things up yah know? I case I don't like how things go at the bank, I can just go back to working at the Restaurant and they wouldn't even know anything.

Lia has a new word....its *Burrrrr Cold* Its funny too b/c she wiggles when she sais Burrrr....its so funny to see her start to mimick the silly things I do with her.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lia had her 18 month Check-up today. She weighs 26.5 lbs. Length is 33" and head circumference is 47 cm. My lil baby is getting so big, its kind of sad for me. Her Ped said she is going to definitely be taller than her Momma...she'll probably be around her daddy's height. And other than that she is doing wonderful and progressing with learning very well! her one word vocabulary is very large and she's getting better at putting two words together...ahem Like *shuuut uuup* (courtesy of hearing G'ma say it to the dog) Her favorite book right now is *Sleepy Dog* And Blue's Clues and Dora are her favorite shows. But thats about it on my update for my lil princess.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Playing Catch Up.....

I've been in hiding these past few days, partly for some odd reason I've had more hours than usual at the Restaurant this weekend, and Sunday i was feeling pretty crappy, which resulted into having a punding headache/stuffy nose/throat kind of scratchy. Not so bad today, but I still could

I had that phone interview Friday, it seemed to go pretty good. I'm supposed to get a phone call back when they receive my backround check...b/c Yeah, I'm just such a criminal!

On the drama note, said friend from before, sent me like a 5 page e-mail of more lies built ontop of the old ones...I read it about 20 times, thought about it and decided against even retiterating (sp?) with what she had said to me. Shes just bogus...I need real friends not one's that want to come around when they feel like it or have nothing better to do and I'm their last resort. Just b/c I have a marriage and a family of my own doens't mean I'm not me you know? This situation still bothers me.....apparently she is having her little *abortion* today. IF she is Pregnant and having an abortion, this makes me angry...I am Pro-life unless there are some serious consiquences that it just needs/has to be done. But here's my thing....idiots like her can get knocked up whereever whenever half don't take care of them/the other half have abortions just b/c they were being stupid at the time...but there are people in the world that truly do deserve to have kids and would give them anything in the world.....GRRRRR. But if she is lying about said pregnancy and *abortion* (she is telling a couple ppl she is than turning around and denying it to others) I hope she knows her lies and such come back to you big time...when you really need someone, you'll have no-one..and I have not one bit of pitty for her anymore.

Otherwise, things have been decent. Lia is having her Well baby check-up tomorrow, i know its late, i was slacking on making an appointment. So we'll see how well she's doing.....yay no shots this time....last time it was total chaos.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I so hate EFFIN DRAMA!

People Suck. I have had nothing but absolute Drama going on in my life this past week. So here goes my book long story...those of you that actually read the whole

OK Sat hubby and I went out to meet a friend of mine from High School..Well we didn't like the place we were at, so we left...and went to a bar closer to home...yeah..she totally ditched me....Now I remember why I stopped talking to her after High School. Soo...I when I got ahold of her I bawled her ass out. I beleive I have every right too...oh and if you read an old post this is the same girl I am referring to that totally blew me off a few weeks ago. But anyhow...

So this Stupid Bi*** goes out of her way to try and be friends with my Step-sons mother and attempted to run her mouth to try to get us 2 to fight...give me a break....Not going to happen.
And then (yes there is more) Yesterday i get a call from another friend telling me this chick is claiming to be preggers (3 Months) with girl on the phone's current b/f.......WTF is going on? Chick has got some serious issues. and to top it off if this idiot really is Preggers WHY the hell is she out DRINKING??? I am really confused and really caught in the middle.
I dunno, but this is the drama cut in half...literally....please make it go away!

But on a non insane level. Lia turned 18 Months old yesterday. My baby is getting so big. And the interview went awesome on Monday...I have a 2nd interview I got my foot in the door so to speak...I'll know more of what is going on tomorrow...but...I have things to take care of so more later

Friday, March 17, 2006

I have an Interview.....

On Monday at the Fifth Third Bank @ 11. Its Part-time, If I want to go Full The Supervisor I talked to said I always could....But I want to give it a try first....and I'm still not ready to give up all the time I get to spend with my daughter....besides I could quit waitressing and it would be nice to actually have an entire weekend off w/ having to fight for it. It would be nice if the Daycare would call me back...but its not a big deal.

We have Austin this weekend, Gregg brought him home from Daycare for me before he left for work, so that I didn't have to pack both of them in and out of the car. We talked to his mom last night....She was telling Gregg that she met some guy that she's probably seeing? Last time I checked you either knew if you were or you weren't with them? I guess she told Gregg that b/c she wants our approval first if we liked him or not or if we thought he would be beneficial to Austin's life. She must have been on something....Since when does she take mine or Gregg's opinion on anything. And in All actuality, I think she's telling gregg this because she has some type of inkling that he might actually care what she's with/or she thinks she's trying to make his jealous by going on and on about someone.
IMO, If gregg wanted her....he would have left me 4 years ago....It doesn't bother me.....I know who he's coming home she can rag about her petty little things all she wants.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I did nothing, I'm sick feels like Bronchitis....yuck. We picked up Gregg from the Airport at 9p.m. I missed him, even tho it was only for 3 days. I filled out an application for and Assistant at the daycare down the road. Its my step-son's would be nice to bring Lia to work with me and she'd be able to get the chance to interact with babies her age a lil more often. Their supposed to start setting up interviews tomorrow...and the girls aready know *keeping fingers crossed*.....I'm so tired of waitressing b/c its mandatory to work the weekends and thats all I've been working and I feel like I'm missing out on family stuff. Hubby said I could stay home if I want to but I hate having that feeling of being useless and I know I'm not, but its just how I feel sometimes.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nothing exciting

Haven't done anything exciting yet today...and probably won't either. I ran some errands with Lia this morning. I had to get motivated when I seen that I was putting her last diaper on her butt when she got up this morning....I thought she had some more.....ohhh well. Drove up to my mom's work at about noon and went out to lunch with her it was nice until Lia started throwing a tantrum. She was being a little too silly, so I knew she was ready for a nap. I don't like to let her fall asleep in the car b/c when I get her in the house she won't go back to sleep when I put her in bed.
I haven't heard from Gregg yet today....I know his classes in Detroit run until like 4.